Welcome to Asparagus Alley!

Asparagus Alley

Asparagus Alley is your place to go for all of the official asparagus dishes at the Stockton Asparagus Festival!

Located in the large white tents on Weber Point, you will find our world famous Deep Fried Asparagus, Asparagus Ice Cream (made locally by Gleason’s Ice Cream), Asparagus Pasta (vegetarian friendly), Asparagus Burritos and Asparagus & Beef Sandwiches. All of our yummy dishes are made with the freshest possible locally-grown asparagus, typically picked just a days before the festival.

In 2013, over 56,000 asparagus dishes were served to attendees and volunteers including over 36,000 orders of Deep Fried Asparagus and over 10,000 of Asparagus Ice Cream! These dishes in Asparagus Alley are freshly prepared on-site and served by a loyal and dedicated group of community volunteers representing organizations such as the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce, Delta Rotary and the California Women for Agriculture. Asparagus Alley will see nearly 2,000 volunteers serve during the 3-day festival.

Prices for the Official Asparagus Alley Dishes:

World Famous Deep Fried Asparagus: $6 (add $1 for Ranch Dressing)

Asparagus Pasta: $6

Asparagus Burrito: $6

Aspara-Beef Sandwich: $6

Asparagus Ice Cream: $3

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